The Back Room

20374562_10211855173808507_7222507132022080663_nA quick glance through my current set reveals repeated themes of both hard landings, and birds in flight.

When you open up your eyes, for the second time, baby, brace yourself. Its happening now.” (From a song I wrote the day after a recent election).

The messenger says take what you can, cause your days are numbered and the sun is just a big time bomb. Here we are.” From my optimistic song of landing, “Here we are.”

Silhouette in the doorway, slurring words. Don’t know what to say so I run my fingers through those bad boy curls. As if snakes were birds”.  From “Daniel.”

For more lyrics and original alt-folk, americana music come out to The Back Room, Thursday Aug. 10,  8pm. Also performing, my long-time hero and local legend, Tom Heyman, a wonderful, hard hitting songwriter and performer.

Tickets $15 in advance /$18 at the door.

The Back Room
1984 Bonita Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704
The Back Room is an all-ages, BYOB (for those 21+) space, dedicated to (mostly) acoustic music of all kinds. You are welcome to bring your own adult beverage with no additional corkage fee. If you need more information, or have any questions, please call us: #510-654-3808.

En route | Bay Area room with a view

Each morning I wake up and walk outside to one of the more expansive views taking in the whole bay in one breath, from Marin to the Golden Gate Bridge to the southern tip of San Francisco. In the morning the fog rolls in and up. At dusk, the fireball settles into the mountains and pulses for a moment before tipping back, leaving us with night when the lights from the city flicker like fireflies in sequins.

My long time friend Brian Axel opened for me in San Francisco. He plays open tuning, spacious and spiritual blues that transformed Amnesia from music bar into a cathedral. This folks at Amnesia were friendly and kind, and the crowd came in from the rain and lingered. The next night we shared a bill at Bocci’s in Santa Cruz. I loved the drive down the coast. Before the show I took a spin around town, saw the campus, the llama farms, the hidden world out back, beach houses, watched some world class surfers, and the sun setting over the Pacific.  The crowd was small, tattooed, raucous, loaded, generous, interactive, funny. I love Santa Cruz.

Eight more dates to go! I perform solo, creating rhythm tracks and harmony in live loops of breathy beats and scratchy strums, to accompany my own lead vocal. All original songs, based on poetic lyrical structure, like Leonard Cohen or Patti Smith, grounded with electric guitar. My vocals have been compared to Cat Power, Aimee Mann, and Liz Phair. If you are around any of the follow places and times, please come!

Tue. Mar 14, Eugene OR, The Boreal
Wed. Mar 15, Portland OR, White Eagle
Fri Mar 17, Olympia WA, House concert
Sun Mar 19 Seattle WA, Blue Moon Tavern
Mon Mar 20, Olympia WA. Le Voyeur
Tues March 21, Ashland OR, Oberons
Sat. Mar 25, Los Angeles CA, Hollowbody at Bar 20
Sun Mar 26, San Diego CA, LeStats West

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Seattle to San Diego ParadiseKite Tour| 03.2017

Dear Friends,mapcoast

I have concerts coming up along the west coast from Seattle to San Diego in March. I’ll be performing original songs on telecaster with harmonies of live loops of breathy beats and scratchy strums, to accompany my own lead vocal.  I am sharing bills with some amazing musicians, friends and former bandmates.

March 4 San Francisco (Amnesia Music Hall). With Brian Axel.

March 5 Santa Cruz (Bocci’s). With Brian Axel.

March 14 Eugene (Boreal). With Far Flung Birds.

March 15 Portland (White Eagle). With Dan Colbert

March 17 Olympia (Obsidian)

March 19 Seattle (Blue Moon). With Claire Michelle and Spencer Carlson

March 20 Olympia (Le Voyeur). With Elle Carpenter and Guidon Bear

March 21 Ashland (Oberons). With Steve Petrovic

March 25 Los Angeles (Hollowbody LA Bar 20). With Jennifer Chase

March 26 San Diego (LeStats West)

Here is a link to Here We Are, a track from our soon to be released studio album Saint Paul on Saturday.

Fingers crossed I see you there. If not, please pass along the info to your west coast friends. Stay strong, kind and humming along to your unique song.

Hannah xOxO

What you see

The full moon last night, the Flower Moon, looked like a glowing orb, plugged in and pulsing. The earth tilts away, clicking off time zones. Each set of eyes that take it in join in the rare moment of seeing things the same way. Perfectly beautiful. Speechless.
Responding to beauty is one of the things that makes us human. Like love, we know it when we see it. And like love, there’s more than meets the eye. That glowing moon is actually something else. It sits rock solid in orbit, bouncing the sun’s rays and energy back to us. We are here, the moon is there, and our sun, off-stage in the Milky Way, conducts the whole orchestra.
The moon is our unlikely connector, not exactly being what we need it to be, asking us questions we can’t really answer. From our back porches, separated from the day, knowing and not knowing, there is nothing left but to toast the whole damn thing.

Invisible Planes

A song inspired by Felix Baumgartner‘s freefall to earth, and other unlikely acts of love. 

Like Wonder Woman’s invisible plane, Baumgartner’s long-distance luge to earth was both otherworldly and at the same time within reason. After he slid back down to the ground from the stratosphere, he stood up, brushed himself off, and cheered. It wasn’t that he was fearless –he admitted fear. It was that he prepared, practiced, built a team around him, and stayed vigilantly on task.

Like love, it was a leap, appeared crazy, was built on a vision of optimism and trust, and was the most beautiful thing I ever saw.