Seattle to San Diego ParadiseKite Tour| 03.2017

Dear Friends,mapcoast

I have concerts coming up along the west coast from Seattle to San Diego in March. I’ll be performing original songs on telecaster with harmonies of live loops of breathy beats and scratchy strums, to accompany my own lead vocal.  I am sharing bills with some amazing musicians, friends and former bandmates.

March 4 San Francisco (Amnesia Music Hall). With Brian Axel.

March 5 Santa Cruz (Bocci’s). With Brian Axel.

March 14 Eugene (Boreal). With Far Flung Birds.

March 15 Portland (White Eagle). With Dan Colbert

March 17 Olympia (Obsidian)

March 19 Seattle (Blue Moon). With Claire Michelle and Spencer Carlson

March 20 Olympia (Le Voyeur). With Elle Carpenter and Guidon Bear

March 21 Ashland (Oberons). With Steve Petrovic

March 25 Los Angeles (Hollowbody LA Bar 20). With Jennifer Chase

March 26 San Diego (LeStats West)

Here is a link to Here We Are, a track from our soon to be released studio album Saint Paul on Saturday.

Fingers crossed I see you there. If not, please pass along the info to your west coast friends. Stay strong, kind and humming along to your unique song.

Hannah xOxO

Hannah in Berlin

HJ in New York | Wednesday Oct 21

Hannah in BerlinIf I were a chess piece I’d be queen of my own chess board. Not a flat board with 90 degree corners. My game moves around a surface more like the belly of Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate in Chicago, where players would be curled up in Eero Saarinen Womb Chairs. With headphones. And fruit smoothies. And best friends.

Its been quite a game of chess this year, and its still just October. This month sees the last date of the Paradise Kite Tour next week in New York. From MUSEfest in Paris, to Utrecht, Liege, Brooklyn, Somerville MA, Berlin, Cologne, Saarbrucken, and finally back home to where all DNA criss crosses at some point: New York, Center of the Known World, this has been an amazing trip.

Please come, hang out, bring friends, pass it on.

Wed. Oct. 21, 2015 at Rockwood Music Hall
196 Allen St, New York, NY 10002, United States
Stage 1

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Hannah in Berlin

MUSEfest London 2014

We took a few days off after the MUSEfest launch at the Hackney Attic in London, and are now stepping back into planning the next steps –Paris 2015! We are very pleased with the outcome of the November event. The live music, beautiful short films and music videos, DJ Lay, and the people who supported us, came to the show, sent food, coffee mugs, cupcakes, brought cameras, video equipment, plugged us in, and saved the day. There were many inspired hands on deck. MUSEfest put some large pieces in place with the first show upon which we will build forward. We were able to partner with the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, from where we had one performing graduate, and two interns. We also partnered with the European Independent Film Festival in Paris, who helped us locate women filmmakers to submit work. Lola Lennox was a delightful addition to the proceedings and very happy to accept a bespoke award on her mother’s behalf. We hope to build upon these relationships, as we continue to evolve.

Almost all the participants have expressed interest in continuing their contribution to the festival, which is just what we want – not to simply put on a show, but to build a network of amazing, inspiring, creative women.

home | work

When I first moved to Chicago to live, I had never been to the Midwest. I took in the strict grid of streets, the flat horizon line, the rattling, inconsistent edginess as one neighborhoods bleeds into the next, and I knew for a fact I would not be staying long. I was coming from San Sebastian, Spain, where I had been teaching English, and biding my time. I arrived with a suitcase, a classical guitar, and a stack of pesetas. Sometimes its hard to know in the moment, when your route starts, when it derails, or where it is leading. That’s the hard part and the joy of putting one foot in front of the other.

In the 14 years I lived in Chicago, I went to graduate school, rehabbed three houses, worked in marketing, advertising, design, and education, had two children, ran three marathons, always had a band project and performance schedule rolling, cooked, cleaned, mowed, painted and at the end of the Chicago years, somehow managed to pack everything up and move my family to France. Its been nine years since we moved, and coming back to visit is so easy. We still have a house, great friends, and grooves still marking our path through the city. Our life in France is not constructed the same, but it occurs to me, the main pieces moved with us: two children, creative projects, performance, marathons, and work, work, work.

I’ll be performing some recent songs at the Elbo Room, where I last played with Kite Club in 2004. If you are in Chicago, it would be lovely to see you there. These are original songs about things that took place, didn’t take place, places known, and unknown.

Elbo Room
2871 North Lincoln

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Delicious Tour 2014 -First Stop Amsterdam

flierNLMayHannah Judson and The Communal Well inaugurate the Delicious Tour 2014 of micro laps around FR NL BE D US and UK.

I am performing a set of new songs. You will hear influences from many corners in the stark telecaster + vocals delivery — Elliott Smith, Liz Phair, Leonard Cohen and more, and will be jumping on and off stage with the upbeat, toe tapping The Communal Well, who leave you so happy you decided to come.

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Second Person Singular: Liv Monaghan

I was happy to meet Liv Monaghan this summer. Designer, writer, doing, mover, shaker and musician. These are some of her beautiful garment designs. But listen to her too! She is performing with her trio at the end of this month at the venerable Sunset Sunside in the 1st.  Liv brings character, life and humor to the stage.
September is the busiest month, but this show will help get you out the door into the darker nights of autumn.
30 septembre 2013
60, Rue Des Lombards

75001 Paris
Liv Monaghan – vocal
Felix Lemerle – guitare
Sava Medan – c.basse