Number One

One is the loneliest number. It’s so many other things too. It represents new beginnings and symbolizes motivation, self-leadership and intuition. Let’s dive in.

Number 1, 1949, Jackson Pollock. Pollock was an Abstract Expressionist who took the canvas from the wall, laid it out on the floor where it didn’t belong, walked on it, smoked over it letting ashes fall into the house paint he dripped with house paint brushes and sticks, moving around with his whole body. There are a million lessons here.

This is the final week of Stingray’s Backwards Record Release countdown to Week One. This week’s song is the title song from the record “Stingray.” It’s a rock romp, telling the story of the moment of release from a narcissist’s vortex. So many people have had to sort out narcissistic behavior, at work, in families and friend groups, and also within themselves. I suppose it’s always been a human behavior, but it is especially pronounced in an era of mass consumption, consumerism, and disconnect from people. The behavior seems like a sort of depression, a removal of oneself, and replacing it with the narcissistic monster. They trash and cause so much damage until the day you decide that they don’t. I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.

For the past 8 weeks I have been posting about the songs on Stingray, an album I recorded with Pepe Espada, and my band the Strangers – Brian Clevinger and Charlie Galunic. I also have been reaching out to my creative friends and fans, talking about your work, your systems for getting through lockdowns and pandemics, and your creative process. I launched a livestream conversation with my amazing colleagues in music and creative fields, which has evolved into The Hannah Judson Beat. I have been streaming to my youtube channel and Facebook, and have had such a great time wrapping my arms around my creative community, even during a lockdown, and digging into really important topics around making music, staying creative, practicing resilience, and so much more. I have some amazing guests lined up for Season II, starting in January. Stay tuned!

The Backwards Record Release concludes this week with an edition of MUSEfest, a festival I co-founded in 2014 with Zeb Achonu to amplify excellent and inspiring women in music, film, literature and art. This year will be online, Saturday Dec. 5 and Sunday Dec. 6, and will be streamed from and my youtube channel Check out the lineup on the MUSEfest fb page. I am the final performer on Day 2, and will perform an acoustic set of Stingray.

This year is one to let go of as soon as possible. We have all found different ways to thrive in our news heavy, violent, grotesquely unfair, ambiguous, belligerent world. For some it’s been horrific end-of-times, with unquantifiable loss. For others, we have skirted around the dangers, inching our way carefully along life’s cliff edge. This year has brought so much to the surface about who we are, what we believe, our relationship to other cultures and countries, as well as our neighbors at home. There is always room for improvement – that’s an understatement – and at a minimum, in a couple weeks we get new numbers to help us turn the page on 2020. We’ll get to take a deep breath. Hold it for a moment. And as a global community, roll up our sleeves and get to work with vision, optimism and creativity, not just slumping back into the same old routine.

Please join me for MUSEfest on Saturday and Sunday! Please get yourself a cool Stingray t-shirt and pick up a copy of the CD.

Take care of yourself!
Much love!!


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