Omne trium perfectum

Omne trium perfectum, or “Everything that comes in threes is perfect.” This is Week 3 in the Backwards Record Release countdown to Stingray. Three is a triad, stable like a pyramid. It’s small, odd and prime, perfect and ready for business. I am glad to be heading down towards Week One. When I initially launched the Backwards Record Release, the plan was to conclude with a full band live stream of the record Stingray. We have not been able to get together to rehearse as we are in a lockdown, and I began thinking what would be a good replacement for the concert. I decided to invite some of the most talented people I know to join in another edition of MUSEfest, this time online. On December 5th, I’ll be hosting a day of live music, film, poetry and literature, dance and much more! More details coming soon! 

This week’s song from Stingray is Light Above Your Head, inspired by a reading light that launched a deeper metaphor as I wrote through it. It takes place in a dreamy space in between sleep and consciousness and is ultimately a hopeful, optimistic song especially when it takes a turn at the end. “The sun will never sell you out, no matter what the state of clouds…”

This week I am going to have a conversation with the magnificent Alyson Greenfield, performer, composer, songwriter, and Tinderbox Music Festival founder on my weekly livestream on Friday Nov. 20 1pm EST/7pm Paris. We’ll be talking about her work, and creative process, and so much more! Get to know her a bit here: Subscribe to my youtube channel for livestreams and more. Join us!

I hope you are having a great week wherever you are in the world. 

Xx Hannah

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