This is Week 4 in the Backwards Record Release countdown to Stingray. Four feels grounded, stable, organized and consistent, like a kitchen table, a square, a family with two parents and two kids, the seasons, the elements, the corners in a room. That is a great place to be with the US Presidential election mainly behind us, where we can begin to move forward. So much work to do to heal the world it *almost* seems like it is an impossible task. It’s important to stay focused on the things you can do, the areas of influence you do have, and the work involved in keeping yourself well. 

This week’s song is Twisted. It’s a song about a relationship run off the rails by self-abuse. I was inspired by an article in The New Yorker about a writer who was in a long term chronic flail, and was sober enough to reflect on it years later. There are other stories woven into this song, but there it is — twisted. It’s about the people we get involved with, love, and for whatever reason, we allow to leave their mark. There are so many stories to tell. This is one of them. 

Don’t forget, I am collecting your stories. I am interested in how we are each making it through the lockdown, quarantine, pandemic, bat flu, election, Brexit, job change, housing change, relationship change, hashtag twenty-twenty, weirdest year thus far. Send me your tips, projects, advice, share your story. We can all learn so much from each other. 

Take care of yourself this week!

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