Parachuting into Week 5

Countdown to Week 5 in the Backwards Record Release for Stingray. In the fifth week, we are going to see the outcome of the U.S. presidential election. My own plans for the week are just a distraction and traction to get through this bumpy ride. Let it be calm, collected, and level headed. In France we have embarked on the second lockdown. Officially is for 30 days, but we’ll see how this really plays out. My daily hope for everyone I know, and everyone in their sphere, and so on, is that all of us remain safe, well, and optimistic, visualizing and actively actualizing a path to better days. 

This week’s song is Parachute, and contains a little message of optimism. It’s about speaking, leaping, and flying. Moving forward, not holding back, failing forward, falling forward. Listen here.

I’ve got a few great conversations that will be live streamed this week. On Friday Nov. 6  I’ll speak with Chicago based singer-songwriter Kathy Greenholdt about her process, work and plans ahead (1pm CST/ 8pm Paris – livestreamed on my FB page and my youtube channel). On Saturday Nov. 7 I’ll be interviewed by Thomas Kwiat of Live and Amplified for a children’s fundraiser podcastathon. Details for that are on their way!

So, it’s going to be quite a week. Please let me know what you are doing to stay occupied, healthy, on track, in spite of the world around you. If you have a creative project in the works, please feel free to share it with me so I can share it out. 

Talk soon. Take care of yourself and your circle. 



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