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Help us make our video

Pitch in with our video project! We are making a video to accompany the release of our next record. The first video will be for “Daniel.” The unmastered, rough audio is here on Soundcloud. Send images, drawings, and video you have the rights to that you could see accompanying the song. Send all submissions to before December 31, 2016 with a brief introduction, and explanation of how the image or video fits the song. Selected images will be credited in the video. Images should accompany the ideas, but don’t need to narrate them. Lyrics are below.


Everyone who submits an image will receive a free download from the album.

Thanks for joining us!

xoxo Hannah + crew


Silhouette in the doorway, slurring words
I don’t know what to say so I run my fingers
through those bad boy curls,
as if snakes were birds.

Waiting on salt trucks
to follow the snow
I’m sliding on black ice here
There goes the road.

Before you were ever born you rattled the cage.
You little perfect storm.
Now you scramble uphill
like a pack mule.

The snow falls in second gear,
Stay inside, everybody’s here,
Swimming pool, no escape
sinkhole in the living room, records play,
I’m standing right next to Mike Stipe,
and a radiator.

Holding up the wall.
Holding up until you’re gone.

— Hannah Judson, 2016

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