Germany Tour | Songs with a bow

2015 tour poster
2015 tour poster

These are the final wind down of a great summer. I am sorry to see this one go. All light nights in Reykjavic, mystical lounging with all the other tourists at the Blue Lagoon, New York rooftop dinners, mad dash through Times Square, smores and dear friends in Vermont, afternoons on my favorite beaches in Maine, and many wonderful moments with people I love. Margaritas on Pleasant Street, lobster rolls in Wiscasset, fistfulls of blueberries daily, a Red Sox outing with people I love the most –all good just too short.This summer was as if framed for a film shoot — 360 degrees beauty, city, seaside, and soul.

Back home now, I am putting the final touches on a few new songs, have added a violin bow to my live looping (inspired by post-punk favs. Sigur Rós), and have organized a short road trip with my Parisians friends The Communal Well. I’ll play a solo set on telecaster + loops, and The Communal Well will follow with their reliable blues raucous.

If you are going to be in Germany in September, please come!

Thurs Sept 17 Berlin Wild at Heart, Wiener Straße 20, 20h
Fri Sept 18 Cologne Lichtung, Ubierring 13, 20h
Sat Sept 19 Saarbrücken Café de Paris, Blumenstraße 10, 20h

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