Interview with Amy ‘Mim’ Botly

Amy 'Mim' Botly

Amy ‘Mim’ Botly

Amy ‘Mim’ Botly’s photograph series “The Nature of Nurture” will be screened between 8 and 8:30 pm at MUSEfest (4 June at Le Reservoir, Paris 11me). Come early to see her work!

I am absolutely thrilled to be part of MUSEfest 2015. As a new Mummy (6 years of trying, 5 losses & finally our IVF miracle) working within the arts has brought me new challenges as well as allowing me to explore new visions and for me to create new works.

Having trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama with a BA in Contemporary Theatre Practice, I worked as an actor for 10 years, finally settling in Cheshire, UK with my musician husband, spoilt cat and now finally our 8 month old son Ollie.

Acting and photography are very closely linked for me. I direct, costume, light and try to strike up a dialogue between subject and the audience through the lens.

These 7 of 10 images titled “The Nature of Nurture” not only celebrate breast feeding but also mothers feeding their child however they choose to do so. It also celebrates the beauty of new Mummys, (no matter what age their child comes to them at) when they are often feeling at their least glamorous.

As a new mother I was surprised by the reactions I often got whilst breast feeding in public. I was careful and tried to cover up but found Ollie (my little one) really hated being under a scarf whilst he fed. I started to google and found articles, advice and a lot of negativity. Many would comment on covering the child as well as some restaurants advising that mothers “use the toilets to feed their child in!” to prevent other diners being offended. Get out a boob and upset some people, get out a bottle of formula and upset others! Now he is weaning we just cover the place in purée!


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