Interview with Miss Baby Sol

PictureWhat interested you about performing at MUSEfest? 
I liked the idea that it was started by women in the industry with children, for women of the world that suffer needlessly during childbirth. I also liked the idea that MUSEfest works to inspire women in the industry by showcasing and awarding women they find inspiring of all levels of ‘success’. It was an honour to be there. 🙂

Tell us about the creative process for you, how do you write your songs/ compose your music?
Sometimes very quickly, sometimes over long periods of time. Sometimes it’s just a melody or just words and sometimes it’s because I’ve been inspired by my guitar or by producers/co writers. It depends!  Generally though, the song arrives and then tells me what it wants to be. They are usually very wise! I listen to them at all times 🙂

What have been your biggest obstacles to making your music your way?

The inability to translate all the things in my head to sheet, or record, on my own. I need to learn more! But that doesn’t mean I want to stop collaborating. I just would like to be more self sufficient.

What are your biggest successes? Proudest moments?
Running the Flora London Marathon of 2009… Releasing my 1st project entitled Before I Begin (The Journey). Co writing a UK number 5 single which validated me as a songwriter (thank you Tom and Redlight)… Meeting Hugh Masekela and Prince without crying!

Who or what are your major influences? 
My mother as she was my best critic. Eartha Kitt! And many more vocalists/performers! They teach me about my voice and my performance through their voices and performances. My Uncle teaches me about African politics and how best to cook casava leaves. He influences me a lot too 🙂

What keeps you going, what excites you?
Live Performance! Connecting with my audience, learning from my surroundings, family, friends. I have some extremely talented friends that make amazing music. They excite me for sure.

Do you have any advice for women making music?
The same advice I have for men. Know your vision, yourself and your instrument. If you don’t, then get to know.

What is coming up next for you and your music?
I have my next project lined up! 1st track released as a one day only download in February, video on the 3rd feb 2015.

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