MUSEfest London 2014

We took a few days off after the MUSEfest launch at the Hackney Attic in London, and are now stepping back into planning the next steps –Paris 2015! We are very pleased with the outcome of the November event. The live music, beautiful short films and music videos, DJ Lay, and the people who supported us, came to the show, sent food, coffee mugs, cupcakes, brought cameras, video equipment, plugged us in, and saved the day. There were many inspired hands on deck. MUSEfest put some large pieces in place with the first show upon which we will build forward. We were able to partner with the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, from where we had one performing graduate, and two interns. We also partnered with the European Independent Film Festival in Paris, who helped us locate women filmmakers to submit work. Lola Lennox was a delightful addition to the proceedings and very happy to accept a bespoke award on her mother’s behalf. We hope to build upon these relationships, as we continue to evolve.

Almost all the participants have expressed interest in continuing their contribution to the festival, which is just what we want – not to simply put on a show, but to build a network of amazing, inspiring, creative women.

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