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When I first moved to Chicago to live, I had never been to the Midwest. I took in the strict grid of streets, the flat horizon line, the rattling, inconsistent edginess as one neighborhoods bleeds into the next, and I knew for a fact I would not be staying long. I was coming from San Sebastian, Spain, where I had been teaching English, and biding my time. I arrived with a suitcase, a classical guitar, and a stack of pesetas. Sometimes its hard to know in the moment, when your route starts, when it derails, or where it is leading. That’s the hard part and the joy of putting one foot in front of the other.

In the 14 years I lived in Chicago, I went to graduate school, rehabbed three houses, worked in marketing, advertising, design, and education, had two children, ran three marathons, always had a band project and performance schedule rolling, cooked, cleaned, mowed, painted and at the end of the Chicago years, somehow managed to pack everything up and move my family to France. Its been nine years since we moved, and coming back to visit is so easy. We still have a house, great friends, and grooves still marking our path through the city. Our life in France is not constructed the same, but it occurs to me, the main pieces moved with us: two children, creative projects, performance, marathons, and work, work, work.

I’ll be performing some recent songs at the Elbo Room, where I last played with Kite Club in 2004. If you are in Chicago, it would be lovely to see you there. These are original songs about things that took place, didn’t take place, places known, and unknown.

Elbo Room
2871 North Lincoln

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  1. Life never ceases to fascinate, amaze and surprise us!! SO glad our good friend Katherine introduced us and that our life paths have crossed … and can’t wait to see you this week while you’re back in Chi-town. Here’s to many more adventures for all of us, Hannah!

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