The Delicious Tour | first leg

Photo Andrea Peter Fly
Photo Andrea Peter Fly

Some delightful memories of the first leg of The Delicious Tour:
• We loaded two vans under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower on a gorgeous spring morning.
• We met up with Dmitry and his Russian video crew at a truck stop near Antwerp, and filmed a few takes of The Communal Well road trip video from various cars, driving alongside theirs.
• We planned to cross a bridge south of Amsterdam but the bridge was closed, so we waited in line for the better part of an hour to take a ferry across the canal. The boys took out their guitars and played in line.
• It was a full on sunny day. Everyone was wearing white.
• The guy who was supposed to let us into the CC MusiekCafé was late, but we had great coffees at a café down the street.
• We watched a moving team lowering beds, mattresses, furniture, from four stories up, out a window and onto a lift.
• We performed. We met friends. We made new ones.
• We pulled out guitars at the hotel in Utrecht (with permission) and played an acoustic set in the lounge.
• We staggered our arrivals at breakfast.
• We found the FeelGood Market under more sun and good vibes.
• We performed, stopped, performed, stopped, packed, loaded the cars, drove home, tired, still talking, listening, toe tapping.

Next stop: Chicago next week at the Elbo Room.

You can travel and sight see, or travel and do. I am more comfortable with the latter.

Traveling is one way to know someone better.

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