May we please turn off the fireplace?

IsabellaStewartGardnerVenic-1This summer was gorgeous and hot. One 90 degree Fahrenheit evening in Boston my best friend Todd and I went for dinner and drinks and were seated next to a fireplace with a gas flame, a lit. There may not have been much difference between the sidewalk temperature and the gas fireplace, but it was noticeable. The waitress said they couldn’t turn it off. Some flames just continuing burning no matter what people think.

Back to work and play this weekend with Hannah Judson and a solo, unplugged, acoustique set of original songs.

Samedi 7 Sept
éntrée gratuite

Culture Rapide
103 rue Julien Lacroix 75020 Paris
M°Belleville / Pyrénées
01 46 36 08 04

1 Comment

  1. I have difficulty reading French, but I will say “have fun!”
    Marshall Watkins, former AIU (and maybe future) student.

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