Put the winter clothes away

Finally the doors and windows can be left open. We wake up to some birds singing, though fewer than before. (Are birds leaving us like the bees?). We swing through the four seasons sometimes easily and sometimes with more effort, and when the sun is higher in the sky, we earned it.

photo by Andrea Peter Fly
photo by Andrea Peter Fly

This spring and summer I am working on new songs, recording, a fuller sound, with Chicago/LA/Ghent producer Rene Anton. Our paths crossed briefly in the 90s one evening at one of my shows at Phyllis’s Musical Inn on Division. Rene is a lifelong friend of Leslie Santos, the drummer in all my Chicago projects. (I miss Leslie!). The sessions with Rene include songwriting, examining phrasing, organizing the next recording, brainstorming video, touring. Its great to work alone, and then its a gift from the sky when someone else can add to your work and improve upon it.

If you are in Paris, save the dates for the annual folk Music Festival Folk You 2013. I am so happy to be invited to play. I’ll write more about that here, but in the meantime some dates and times:

Sat. June 22
Paul Beuscher showcases
. A partir de 14h. Les showcases reprendront les 25 et 26 juin pendant les après midi des veilles de concerts.
27 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75004 Paris. Métro: Bréguet-Sabin
We will be playing at this monumental music store on Saturday, and in the afternoon on the 25 + 26th.

Sat. June 22
Flag Café Art Exhibition
. 19h
5 Boulevard Beaumarchais, 75004 Paris. Métro: Bastille
Vernissage and open mic. Really beautiful art. Place to be seen.

Wed. June 26 + Thurs. June 27
Folk You 2013 Festival at l’OPA
9 Rue Biscornet, 75012 Paris. Métro: Bastille
Wednesday lineup: The Bowling Team, Joolsey Hopsy, John and Betty, and me, Hannah Judson.
Thursday lineup: jaSz, Zeinah Mokaiesh, Mikko, Alexandra Cherrington

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