Fundraiser for Barack Obama’s Presidential Election campaign. “Obama’s America. Les mille visages de l’Amérique.”
September 7 to November 10 2012.
« Obama’s America » : an artistic, cultural, political event












For the occasion of the U.S presidential election, Dorothy’s Gallery – American Center for the Arts, is planning a contemporary art show combined with a cultural program. The objective of this event is to support President Obama, to discuss the major issues involved in the election and to reveal the astounding cultural diversity of America.

Dorothy’s Gallery – American Center for the Arts actively promotes all forms of contemporary art. Our aim is to bring countries and artists closer together through art and culture. The exhibition “Obama’s America” is the continuation of a mutually strong commitment among the majority of Democrats living abroad. This engagement has already motivated Dorothy Polley, President of Dorothy’s Gallery – American Center for the Arts, to organize the exhibition “Obama in Paris” in 2008.
We are open to talented and engaged artists from all over the world, all artistic approaches and intellectual competences, to contribute to “Obama’s America”.
More than an art project, this event is intended to be a cultural festival, a series of events to incite debate, discussion and to contribute to the Obama campaign through art sales, fundraising, and the diffusion of up to date information.

• Democrats Abroad France
– Zachary Miller, executive committee member DAF.
– Diana Powers, chair Environmental Policy Group.
– Anna Jeretic, artist, writer and environmentalist.

• François Durpaire, historian, professor and researcher from Cergy-Pontoise university, author of « Les Etats-Unis pour les Nuls » (August 2012), President of
Mouvement pluricitoyen.

An art show from September 7 to November 10, 2012. The gallery space will be divided into two sections : one will represent Barack Obama and his life, the other will illustrate the diversity of the American people and ways of life.

We would like to receive :
– art supportive of Barack Obama, expressed freely in your personal style and inspiration : portrait, themes…
– photographs, sculptures, paintings, digital art etc illustrating life in today’s USA, including minority cultures (Cajuns, Native-Americans, African-Americans, Mexican- Americans, …).

A program of cultural evenings and week-ends. During the few weeks just before Barack Obama’s reelection – or not – ( November 6, 2012), we will consider the important issues facing the USA today : economic crisis, education, health, job creation, equal rights, environment, immigration, etc.
Our objective is to communicate both candidate’s programs, to encourage Americans to be actively involved and to vote through a series of events concerts, theater, film projections, conferences, book signings …
We welcome musicians (gospel, soul, pop, jazz, Cajun, classic etc.) film makers, writers, comedians, testifying to the cultural wealth of the USA in every field of creation. We are also inviting journalists, political scientists, writers, economists for a series of public discussions and conferences.

How to participate
Every medium and form of art can be considered. To participate please send the enclosed application by e-mail or post before 30 July 2012 including :
The attached inscription form, fully completed.
A resume in « word » format
A brief description of the work you are presenting and of your artistic approach
A visual of the work you would like to present (high def preferable)

The opening is scheduled for Friday 7 September 2012 from 17h to 21h.
The hanging is of the show is scheduled for 3 to 6 September 2012.

Dorothy Polley, Alice Fournier ou Clémence Bigel
01 43 57 08 51
dorothy’s gallery
American Center of the Arts
27, rue Keller
Paris 11e
Métro Bastille – Voltaire


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