JASMINA VULIC = Eilinora & the Daffodils

Jasmina  Vulic is a singer/songwriter and producer of ¡Clang! Session shows, currently held at Espace B in Paris.  She gathers a spectrum of bands and solo artists, and is also active in her own creative project Eilinora & the Daffodils. You can find her either in Paris, Rennes or on the island of Malta. Jasmina was one of the first people I met on the Paris music scene, and my first Paris show was in a ¡Clang! Session at Abracadabar. I have always appreciated her style: modest, understated, very plugged in, and totally cool.  I wanted to find out a little more about Jasmina’s world and this is what I learned:

HJ: How did you first start producing shows?
Jasmina: I first started organizing show 8 years ago when I was involved in an Internet radio. We wanted to organize acoustic sessions in bars. I then left the radio but the bar still wanted me to organize gigs. That’s when I created ¡CLANG!. I stayed in that bar for a couple years more and then I ‘moved’ to Espace B where having a real venue, with a real stage was crucial to me, and I could start having an entrance fee so I could also pay the bands.

I don’t care if the bands I book are famous. They have to start somewhere. I just have to like those I book! I really enjoy doing that, I can meet with different people and I even got involved in bands as their manager, which I didn’t plan to go 8 years ago but that’s where passion led me!

HJ: What about your music?
Jasmina: I started recording an EP a few months ago for my project Eilinora & the Daffodils. Time is running and months have passed so the EP still doesn’t exist. But I still try and perform from time to time, even if I play more in Malta as my drummer lives there. As long as I can create, having a CD is not a priority for me.

HJ: What’s coming up in the future?
Jasmina: I’d like to have this EP so I can get booked in other venues, I’d love to play in other areas than Paris. Concerning ¡CLANG!, the next event is on the 8th of May at Espace B with the great Parisians The Chickties and the fantastic Maltese band Dolls For Idols before they go to the EuropaVox festival. It will me my 35th even as ¡CLANG! so the venue offers free couscous to everyone. Entrance is only €5 so I hope people show up cause the two bands deserve fame.

Keep in touch with her here:
Eilinora and the Daffodils on MySpace
¡Clang! page on

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