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VOL 2•12.3
music. songs. women. you betcha.

I am playing on Wednesday at POP In with a duo from Tarah Who? The Pop In is the real deal, a cool scene, and a place to be seen. If you are in Paris, please swing by. The last time I played here was to do an open mic with yoga guru/songwriter/major creative Magnolia Santibanez of Les Bicyclette Blanche when I first arrived on the Paris scene. Its good to loop back.
mercredi 28 mars, 2012, 21h
Pop In 105 Rue Amelot  75011 Paris 01 48 05 56 11

Horizon Vu Music organized a great show at OPA (Bastille) on Saturday night with me HJ, Tarah Who? and The Kennedy’s.  If you haven’t come across Pete and Maura Kennedy yet, I recommend more than a click and a listen, but you can start here. This talented and engaging duo from New York follow a rigorous touring and production schedule, fortunately for their loyal and large fan base. They were just coming off tour with Nanci Griffith in the UK, and came to Paris for a few days to play a show and soak up some beautiful days along the Seine.

HJ with Pete and Maura Kennedy and Phil Cartwright of Horizon Vu Music.

Underbelly is now on regular rotation on New Driven Radio. The  show airs Tuesday evenings 8-midnight (eastern time) on 89.1 WBCX and is streamed internationally at:

I had the great chance to meet Gretchen Phillips, from Austin TX, who is in Paris for a season. She is smart, creative, funny and on target. She’s got two Paris shows lined up:
April 21, @ Gals Rock,
June 1, TBA, with Aimee Norwich

As a veteran of an R.F.D. (Rural Free Delivery) mailbox at the end of a gravel cedar lined driveway and long hand written letters from friends out of state, I really like and love the digital revolution. Thank god for email, tweets, Facebook and friending and even the noise in this messy online revolution. I like it here in the digital soup. Its imperfect, I get it, it moves things around, it delivers options. You still have to get yourself up off the sofa, walk down the long driveway, and do something. That has not changed. If you are on Twitter, find me there to follow, so I can follow you too!


You can view my music channel here. I have had fun making videos with a few friends and colleagues. Come to a show and post your video on my channel!

Underbelly on itunes Check out our handiwork here. Click to listen, buy & download. Your ipod is begging you for more underbelly.

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