MUSE news Vol 1•12.3

music. songs. women. making-it-happen.
Dateline Paris, France.It seems a little early this year, but spring is here. There are buds on the flowering trees, and the groggy winter ground is wakened by the pushing upward of the first flowers. All fine. We at MUSE music have been doing anything but hibernating this winter, and are hitting the ground running as spring arrives.

UPCOMING SHOWS. Save the dates!
• samedi 24 mars/Sat March 24, 21h/9pm
OPA  9 Rue Biscornet  75012 Paris
This is a great venue for music. Don’t miss this one!
Appearing with The Kennedys ( who are on tour, from NYC and Austin, TX & Tarah Who?, our favorite Parisian with an American accent.
• mercredi 28 mars/Wed March 28, 2012, 21h/9pm
Pop In   105 Rue Amelot  75011 Paris 01 48 05 56 11
This club is the real deal, a great place to hang out, meet like minded people, and change your life. Come.
YEAR IN REVIEW. Some highlights from the past months:
• Hannah performed as the opening act for the Salon Bedouk Grands Prix KRéA awards ceremony and party at Club Haussmann. This is the industry event for Events Planners. Events planners know how to party!
• Hannah Judson performed with her band at the charming theatre “les Déchargeurs” in the first arrondissement for 16 Friday nights running, in support of her record release “underbelly”. The show was reviewed by press, poets and pundits, and Hannah met new fans and friends.
• Adrian Johnson produced a funny and creative video for S.O.S. 2000. You can watch it here:  S.O.S. 2000.
• Hannah began working with many talented Paris based professionals in the music industry including Phil Cartwright of HorizonVu music & Maitha Babajee.
Underbelly on itunes Check out our handiwork here. Click to listen, buy & download. Your ipod is begging you for more underbelly.

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