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En route | Bay Area room with a view

Each morning I wake up and walk outside to one of the more expansive views taking in the whole bay in one breath, from Marin to the Golden Gate Bridge … Continue reading

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Seattle to San Diego ParadiseKite Tour| 03.2017

Dear Friends, I have concerts coming up along the west coast from Seattle to San Diego in March. I’ll be performing original songs on telecaster with harmonies of live loops … Continue reading

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Life writes its own poem. Love is knowing how to read the works of others.

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Ariadne on the Beach

An optimists view of the future. Why we need empowered, creative women at the helm. Ariadne on the Beach. From Whiteboard magazine, Berlin, 2016.

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What you see

The full moon last night, the Flower Moon, looked like a glowing orb, plugged in and pulsing. The earth tilts away, clicking off time zones. Each set of eyes that … Continue reading

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Invisible Planes

A song inspired by Felix Baumgartner‘s freefall to earth, and other unlikely acts of love. ‪ Like Wonder Woman’s invisible plane, Baumgartner’s long-distance luge to earth was both otherworldly and at the … Continue reading

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Fly fishing

The losses we incur pose as weights– leaden sinkers that line our pockets and drag us down. But take a fly fish hook of fur, feathers, lead weight and wire, … Continue reading

February 1, 2016 · 2 Comments