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You spin me round right round like a record baby

Live from Liège. Blues-sphere, on Saturday June 27, 2015.

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Germany Tour | Songs with a bow

These are the final wind down of a great summer. I am sorry to see this one go. All light nights in Reykjavic, mystical lounging with all the other tourists … Continue reading

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Clap hands.

Live music, projected art, film, dance and more, by and about inspiring women. You will see few friendly faces you know, and a few more to meet! Thursday June 4 at … Continue reading

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Interview with Amy ‘Mim’ Botly

Amy ‘Mim’ Botly’s photograph series “The Nature of Nurture” will be screened between 8 and 8:30 pm at MUSEfest (4 June at Le Reservoir, Paris 11me). Come early to see her work! … Continue reading

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Interview with Dijana Dokmanovic

MSUEfest met Dijana Dokmanovic in London as Miss Baby Sol’s manager. She took a moment to tell us about her experiences in the music industry. Tell us about yourself – … Continue reading

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Interview with Miss Baby Sol

What interested you about performing at MUSEfest?  I liked the idea that it was started by women in the industry with children, for women of the world that suffer needlessly … Continue reading

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3 Minute Post-London Interview

Tell us about yourself – what got you into music? When did you begin to perform? When I was 8, I remember a violin teacher tracing my feet on a … Continue reading

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